La mer vineuse

Francis Raynaud

6 Feb — 30 Apr 2016

The waves that navigates Francis Raynaud are made of wine, then.The young artist ’s Mer Vineuse is an invitation to drunkenness : a solitary journey in troubled waters. The generous display postulates a joyful and drunk odyssey. We dive indeed in a semiotic maelstrom that combine and confront forms as diverse as a rainwater collection tank with a sculpture, a bizarrely high ancient triclinium or a spider web in cut metal.

The exhibition is a dive into the material in the literal sense as Francis Raynaud claims a posture of the artist engaged in his body and in his gut. However the form is always at stake in a symbolic universe that bases a intimate and visceral narrative. There is thus something enjoyable in Francis Raynaud’s experience but one soon realizes that the journey he invites us to is much more dangerous than it seems at first.

The exhibition thus unfolds as a classical tragedy in which protagonists and decorations engage in a risky dance. These iconoclastic works become apparently simple poems-objects which build a jubilant complexity, drunkenness as there are multiplied.

Le projet de Francis Raynaud a été développé dans le cadre des Chantiers– Résidence, programme de soutien aux artistes émergents en Bretagne mené par Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest et Documents d’Artistes Bretagne.