As a place of discussion and experimentation, the Atelier des publics invites visitors to take part in research and artistic creation activities from an early age, and to participate actively in a reflection on pedagogy and the arts.
The POP Programme (for collaborative production and loan of works to be played with) is part of this approach. These objects were created during workshops involving the public and professionals from all walks of life, designers and artists. The POP Programme now has seven families of works to be played with, which enable the senses, play and narration to explore an exhibition, an architecture or a landscape.

Cultural actors, teachers, youth workers or social workers can borrow these original objects to develop original artistic projects in their establishments, to work on artistic notions in complete autonomy and to guarantee a continuous presence of art in schools or social structures. The loan is free of charge for member structures, after participation in a POP Programme meeting.

POP meetings

Booking is required
free of charge for members

Les rencontres du programme POP

These meetings, for teachers and social workers, enable them to discover the POP Programme's playworks, to try their hand at handling them and to work together to devise ways of using them that are personalised and adapted to the context of your organisation. After participating in one of these meetings, the playworks can be borrowed free of charge for use in the institutions.

POP visits

Booking is required
Tuesdays, between 14:00 and 17:00
on Wed. & Thu, between 10:00 and 12:00
non-member rate: 40€ per group or class
member rate: 20€ per group or class

Education / Social field

These guided tours offer a playful way to discover the exhibitions, by manipulating the POP Programme's play objects. These objects invite you to explore the exhibitions and the industrial architecture of the Centre d'art contemporain through the senses, play and storytelling.


Thibault Brébant