Les Italiens, un début, un milieu et une fin

Cécile Paris

7 Feb — 8 Mar 2014

Cécile Paris focuses on the fictional potential of the image and sound. She draws on the so-called popular forms to build a real work of recovery in the musical sense. Reloading and replaying a Western cultural heritage, she leads intaglio a questioning of the construction of identity.

For the project Les Italiens, un début, un milieu et une fin [The Italians, a beginning, a middle and an end], she is associated with the French singer Barbara Carlotti whose relationship to music far exceeds the formatted logical to cross the fields of film, dance or sound poetry. Together, they engage in an artistic exploration of the duration, size and destination of the song whose we often retains only an air, a chorus, an approximative piece with which we can produced a personal story, a memory.

Like a soap opera , the three securities that comprise Les Italiens, un début, un milieu et une fin are an invitation to a fictional travel through clichés that build our eyes on Italy and Dolce Vita : the blonde in light dress, the suitors in moustache and slicked, the pasolinien urban landscape, the rocks of the peninsula Sorynthe etc.

The video program Les Italiens is produced in partnership with Longueurs d’ondes, festival de la radio et de l’écoute, Brest.