Whatever remains from the ghosts

Caroline Thiery

18 Feb — 14 May 2022

For almost three months Caroline Thiery (1997, France) took part in the ‘Workshop residency’ programme run by Document d’Artistes Bretagne and Passerelle at the art centre. The result of this is the exhibition ‘Whatever remains from the ghosts’ which includes works produced on site during the residency.

Caroline Thiery’s ghosts are common and known to us all. They manufacture the past: vague feelings, memories of conversations, songs that keep playing endlessly in our heads, fleeting smiles on public transport and many other traces of everyday life. Generously sharing her experiences, Caroline Thiery plots a map of our social relationships, of love and friendship, family and culture. She looks in particular at our search for love and affection, subject to tension from the ambivalent desire for independence. She examines the new ways of meeting people such as the dating apps that have revolutionised the way we ‘consume’ relationships. The use of digital communication and the Internet, which does away with any notion of waiting or distance, has transformed dating behaviour both for better and for worse: the sending of dick pics (photos of penises) to strangers, the use of pick-up lines, little phrases intended to be romantic but in fact often clumsy or even offensive, and other new phenomena. Thanks to the digital world, seeking a relationship or a sexual partner has never been so easy for someone eager for passion, hidden behind his or her phone, lying under the duvet or scrolling while sitting on the toilet. The exhibition title also evokes ‘ghosting’, a very widespread practice since the appearance of dating sites, involving the ending of a relationship with no warning, by breaking off... [lire plus]

The account @Whatever_remains has been created for the occasion on Instagram as an extension of the exhibition.

In partnership with Documents d’Artistes Bretagne
With the support of Suravenir, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel ARKEA