The Atelier des publics, a resource centre for Artistic and Cultural Education, organises various events for actors in the fields of education, culture, animation and social work. These meetings are privileged moments to get to know each other better and to explore new pedagogical practices in the field of visual arts.


free of charge

Education / Social field

Programmed at the opening of each new exhibition, these visits are organised for teachers and social workers. This is an opportunity to discover the exhibitions, to discuss the issues they raise and to devise visits and workshops adapted to each audience. These visits are then used to accompany classes or groups on free visits to the exhibitions.

POP meetings

Booking is required
free of charge for members

POP program

These meetings, for teachers and social workers, enable them to discover the POP Programme's playworks, to try their hand at handling them and to work together to devise ways of using them that are personalised and adapted to the context of your organisation. After participating in one of these meetings, the playworks can be borrowed free of charge for use in the institutions.

Formation - Art and experiences

for teachers, within the framework of the PAF (Plans Académiques de Formation)

PAF 2020-2021 | Académie de RennesMore

The Atelier des publics offers educational teams training sessions on art and pedagogy as part of the PAF. In collaboration with the relay teacher associated with Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain, these sessions allow us to exchange on our practices of accompanying different groups in the discovery and practice of visual arts. These visits are also an opportunity to experiment with unique teaching tools and to imagine new ways of encountering the works together.

Artistic and cultural education


The Atelier des publics works around the three pillars defined by the Ministries of Culture and Education: to know, to practice, to meet.

The Artistic and Cultural Education Programme (PEAC)


The Atelier des publics team is available to help teachers set up an Artistic and Cultural Education Programme (PEAC) adapted to their classes. The proposals dedicated to the school public are based on the three pillars of ACE defined by the Ministries of Education and Culture: to know, to practice, to meet. They aim to encourage young people to discover works of art and to find their way around in the fields linked to the visual arts, to be introduced to artistic practice and to meet artists in production.

The Resource Centre for Artistic and Cultural Education in Contemporary Art (PREAC)

PREAC art contemporain

The Atelier des publics is a member of the PREAC piloting committee. To encourage the development of arts and culture in schools, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture have set up resource centres for artistic and cultural education in specific artistic fields, including the plastic and visual arts.
Created in 2002, the PREAC contemporary art, based in the Brittany region, supports project leaders in EAC (professionals from the national education system and the cultural sector). It provides educational resources and designs and organizes training sessions for them.