Cœur braisé

Reda Boussella

15 Oct 2021 — 15 Jan 2022

Awarded a resident artist post, Reda Boussella (born in 1994) has put much effort onto the walls of the art centre over several months. As an artist recently graduated from Quimper School of Art, he decided to move to Brest for a while, following his residence at Passerelle. He recently took part in an exhibition at the Station in Nice and in October will be exhibiting at the Salon de Montrouge, known for laying the groundwork for the emerging French scene. Boussella is one of those prolific artists, generous with what they create, sharing it willingly; the exhibition, presented on the first floor of the art centre, fully recognises his inordinate production, compulsive and total exuberance in his work and creation of forms.

Steeped in popular culture from the Pokemon gaming world to the rapper 50 Cent, Reda Boussella absorbs the references in his everyday life and reconstructs his own, often bizarre, world. When you examine his work, the technique of collage – different materials, technical or formal – is immediately apparent. Collage, invented by the artists Picasso and Braque in the decade of 1910, was used to ‘open up’ the viewer to reflections other than those simply about the painting. In 1923, Picasso declared on this subject: “We have tried to get rid of trompe-l’œil to reach ‘trompe-l’esprit (spirit)’”. In this sense, Boussella’s compositions can trace their origins to this concept, revolutionary in its time: assembling various disparate elements opens the viewer up to other worlds. The title of the exhibition, Cœur Braisé, follows this same rationale: a mix of ‘cœur brisé’ (broken heart) and ‘poulet braisé’ (braised chicken), this association evokes... [lire plus]

In partnership with Documents D’Artistes Bretagne
As part of the programme Les Chantiers | Résidence

With the support of Suravenir, an affiliate of Crédit Mutuel ARKEA