Ondine Bertin

16 Feb — 18 May 2024

‘Passerelle is delighted to announce a ground-breaking collaboration with MojennLab, an avant-garde Breton start-up specialising in the creation of ancient and modern legends and optimising the tourist offer. This unique alliance between the art centre and the creative originality of the start-up marks an exciting new venture in the world of contemporary art. MojennLab is recognised for its ability to transcend the limits of the imagination and has joined forces with Passerelle to produce an exhibition that redefines the norms of creativity. The MojennLab combines history and narrative to create unique and unforgettable experiences. MojennLab offers local communities packages of myths tailor-made for each area: dragons, UFOs, brain-eating zombies or reincarnations of Joan of Arc or Charles Martel.

Loïc Le Gall, Director of Passerelle, talks with enthusiasm of this exceptional collaboration: “Passerelle has always been devoted to celebrating art in all its forms. By joining with MojennLab, we have the opportunity to push back the limits of our commitment to artistic innovation and entrepreneurship and present our audience with an incredible artistic experience.” The co-founder of MojennLab, Guildern Le Guenec’h, is delighted with this visibility: “To have the chance to show what we are capable of in an art centre such as La Passerelle demonstrates the original and international ambition of MojennLab. We are here to design the tourism of tomorrow and I am sure that art can help us in some way.”’

Ondine Bertin (1995) is a graduate of the European Academy of Art in Brittany (Brest site) and in 2023-2024 she was awarded a place on the Artist in Residence Workshops programme. She invites us... [lire plus]

As part of the Artists-in-Residence programme in partnership with Documents D’Artistes Bretagne

With the support of Suravenir, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel ARKEA