One to another one-to-one

Laura Aldridge

6 Jun — 29 Aug 2015

British Artist Laura Aldridge’s first solo exhibition in France One to another one-to-one to be held at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain – Brest will be a development and continuation of current lines of enquiry taking place within her work.

Laura Aldridge’s practice is deeply engaged in a dialogue about craft and contemporary art, creative processes, material experimentation and collaboration. She creates performative environments or in her own words “expanded collages” in which she sets up a playful assemblage of materials, processes and textures that harbour sensory associations.  She strives to discuss and emphasize different strategies of making and reception through particular choices in reference to materials, processes and installation. Playing with a range of materials and incorporating both craft and sculptural practices, her pieces often situate the body in a myriad of ways; through the viewer’s physical interactions with the environment and through a constant sense of tactile engagement. This is evoked both by the evidence of hand made processes and ultimately the bodily responses her works provoke.

The exhibition One to another one-to-one includes a number of fabric and ceramic works, reflecting Aldridge’s interest in materials which explore the emotional qualities of texture and touch. Clay and fabric are soft malleable materials that often behave in unpredictable ways allowing the material to direct the outcome. The intention is to promote a more experiential, sensory and tactile experience of the work which engages the viewer in the process of making.

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With the support of Fluxus, a Franco-British programme for contemporary art supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Institut français and the British Council