Jugnet + Clairet

5 Oct 2013 — 4 Jan 2014

The painting of French duo Jugnet + Clairet has all the attires of the great American
abstract painting. However, in their large formats, their mesmerizing designs and
captivating colors, everything is about test, zoom, freeze frame, close-up or rewind.

Jugnet + Clairet make contemporary media the raw materials of an investigation in what the
image conceals. They explore with enthusiasm the television snow; the cathode-ray screen
switches or cinematographic cigarette burns are pretexts for pictorial adventure and in
series. Following strict protocols, they examine in-depth what the human eye naturally
leaves aside. They develop an appealing practice of the still life whose abstractive treatment
borders on dreams.

The paintings become surfaces of projection, open windows onto fictional territories
initiated by their titles: secrets of the atomic research of Los Alamos or the mythical
American landscapes brought by geographical indications such as Alpine, TX.

The exhibition is an invitation to dive in fantasy through the series.

Commissaire de l'exposition / Curator : Etienne Bernard