Vocoder & Camouflage : Tactics of Decay

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

3 Feb — 28 Apr 2018

Installation dwelling on electrical toxicity through a technicolor jungle inhabited by spectral organisms, ruins of voice and glimpses of filtered light. For three months, the simulation of a vegetation mechanism will render its decay visible through a plethora of branches and leaves — a suspended forest. The massive carcass of floral debris will be activated by the vibration of light, sound and gases exhaled by the organic process of decomposition, while the languishing centre of the construction is filled with technical colours and synthetic scintillation. The screen becomes a vegetal cluster; the surface of stalks and leaves mutated into a decadent container of digital optimism. The vibrational lymphatic network is stimulated by resonance, radiance and odor. In the coexistence of a sound system circuit of artificial voices an other accidental polymorphic organisms.

Vocoder & Camouflage is an episode of a long–term investigation on subterranean acoustics, collective unconscious of the Earth and vertical animist machines. 

During the festival DañsFabrik, the machinc installation Vocoder & Camouflage will be contaminated by two activations entitled Tactics of Decay. These procedures will intercept the chromatic jungle installed at Passerelle, modulating its inherent toxicity.

This exhibition is organised in partnership initiated in 2014 with Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest. Each year, as part of the festival DañsFabrik, the theater and the contemporary art center question together the porosities and frictions between contemporary dance and visual arts. How the exhibition feeds on choreographic practices and vice versa.

En partenariat avec Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest dans le cadre du festival DañsFabrik 2018

Pendant le festival DañsFabrik, Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain sera ouvert du mardi 13 au vendredi 16.03.2018
le mardi de 11:00 à 20:00 et du mercredi au vendredi de 11:00 à 18:30