À l'infini, pas du tout

Germain Marguillard

16 Jun — 16 Sep 2023

The ‘Artists-in-Residence’ programme, led by Passerelle and Document d’Artistes Bretagne, promotes the creativity of artists starting out their careers in Brittany. This year Germain Marguillard is enjoying the benefit of this arrangement for budding artists, which includes a residency, critical and technical support and an end-of-residency exhibition. After his three months spent at the art centre he is presenting the exhibition ‘À l’infini, pas du tout’ (Ad infinitum, not at all) in which he explores the links between sciences, the occult and the symbolism of forms.

At first sight it seems difficult to link the aesthetic of Marguillard to any specific era. He takes codes of representation and ways of seeing the world which appear to be in contradiction and outside of time. The common thread of his research is esotericism; he is passionate about beliefs, practices and phenomena that cannot be explained scientifically, such as astrology, divination, magic, and parapsychology. On the other hand, he closely follows technological developments in the so-called hard sciences, including chemistry, astronomy and physics, with no scientific ambition. Marguillard sets these worlds in opposition, where they stare stonily at each other, yet they are both asking the same questions: how does matter change or transmute? What is chaos? And many other questions that could be called existential…

The artist pays particular attention to the microscopic and the gigantic, from the atom up to the galaxy. The exhibition title alludes to this, ‘Ad infinitium, not at all’, and to a certain children’s rhyme, ‘I love you a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all’. He is fascinated by objects,... [lire plus]

As part of the Artists-in-Residence programme
In partnership with Documents d’Artistes Bretagne
With the support of Suravenir, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel ARKEA