Ceel Mogami De Haas & Vianney Fivel

6 Jun — 26 Sep 2014

A Myriorama is a set of picture cards, which is arranged and rearranged to create various images . The cards are painted to be juxtaposed in any order. The number of possible arrangements tends to infinity.

Ceel Mogami de Haas and Vianney Fivel named their project after the picture cards game to make a series of videos. the superimposed images from various sources generate a series of free associations and interpretations. Image overlay fits a specific form which recalls a cone, a sphere, a cylinder or a polyhedron and creates different speeds redistributinting constantly stories in a broader narrative framework.

The game cards are found or created for "the needs of the cause" (Christian Besson ) and come from very diverse fields of knowledge. To deal with this chaos, a montage is required to combine the cards in order to bring out not only images but also what happens in between them. "Sometimes I do not know where this dirty road is taking me . ; sometimes I can not even see the reason why". We could recognize Martin Heidegger in these verses of Townes Van Zandt, but also Robert Walser, Paul Celan, Aby Warburg, Gertrude Stein or Mad Max. Myriorama is a " spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectification of delirious associations and interpretations", the famous paranoiac-critical method by Dali.

As a montage enterprise, Myriorama combines readymade elements with artifacts, providing an interwoven understanding of common and personal as complementary agents.

Myriorama doesn't lead to any conclusion, rather it has a perpetual movement of composition and decomposition of the collected material as the eponymous card game... [lire plus]

Supporting by by République et canton de Genève and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.