Everyday, I don’t

Alexandre Lavet

15 Sep 2018 — 5 Jan 2019

The work of Alexandre Lavet has the particularity of fading into its environment, of avoiding any spectacular effects, while refusing all the same to disappear completely. If, since the 1960’s[1] a not negligible number of artists have chosen to put an end to their artistic practice in the face of the system of production of exhibitions, of waste, of market speculation, of decoration and even of exuberant monumentality, this has not been the path taken by Alexandre Lavet, who prefers to oppose it with effacement, discretion and vacuousness. Following the example of Douglas Huebler who declared in 1969 “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting: I do not wish to add anymore[2]”, in his own way, the artist attempts to not add anything, but by using a different strategy that does not deny the object or its materiality. These works also act through the simulation and copying of what is potentially found within standard exhibition spaces and their emblematic “white cube.” In that, he has chosen to continue to produce works that, once they are perceived in the exhibition space, could be mistaken for ready-mades. But these works are in fact anti-ready-mades, for the question at work in Alexdre Lavet’s process questions the possible alternatives to this model, where one has chosen ton add nothing to the surplus of artworks which are ever and always produced, exposed and stored in free ports, and therefore, often emptied of their meaning.

They are indeed sculptures, paintings, drawings, gestures, images or even sound pieces that make up his body of work, and which adjust... [lire plus]

Curator : In extenso, Clermont-Ferrand