Manoir de Kerlaouen, Lesneven ⎹ Transformât

Marc Didou

30 May — 26 Aug 2024

Marc Didou (born 1963, Brest, lives and works in Lesneven - FR and Rossiglione - IT) returned to Brest School of Fine Arts to paint and draw but as soon as he left, he took up working with metal again, having done this from childhood in his father’s blacksmith’s forge. Getting back to this substance, its tangible quality, ‟this wayward matter”, which needs air and fire and the hammer to take shape, was like going back to his roots. His choice was reinforced by meeting the American sculptor Mark di Suvero (born 1933, Shanghai) in Brest then in New York, who Introduced him to the public space and the monumental. Finally there was Italy where he lived and continues to show his work, before returning to live and work in Lesneven.

This return to his roots, in every sense of the term, is also a return to nature, the nature surrounding us but also that of the Atomists of ancient Greece – a philosophical and physicist movement which stated that matter is discontinuous and made up of indivisible elements – and he retains the poetry and this ‟vision of the invisible”. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed and what appears was already there, as with the larva and the chrysalis in the butterfly.

From abstraction to natural forms, between reality and illusion, creation begins with a total review and deconstruction of the elements. It comes from industrial waste, from random fragments and Installed structures, the organic principle with the ‘Plasma’ series, the link in the chain, the mirror and the ‘Anamorphoses’; a pipe from a split and distorted pipeline becomes a tree again. By cutting, assembling and welding, the sculptor replays the cycles of life in a resistant... [lire plus]

Passerelle would like to thank the Trans’ Ouest Manutention company for their assistance.

An exhibition presented by Françoise Terret-Daniel, President of the Association Passerelle and Loïc Le Gall, Director of Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest.