Condenser l'Infini

Michele Ciacciofera

21 Jun — 14 Sep 2024

Michele Ciacciofera (1969, Italy) is offering Passerelle an experience which may appear impossible, that of 'Condensing the Infinite'. From his native Sardinia to the Alps and then Brittany and Scotland, he has observed the ancient sculptural forms, such as memorial stones and menhirs, on which human civilisations are based. In his European journey, he considers the inevitable end of us all and the infinite potential of our visual culture to go beyond the world dreamed up by our ancestors. 'Condensing the Infinite' is an attempt to write a common history, a history of the forms that our brains all recognise to a greater or lesser extent. 

The body of works presented in the Passerelle patio has been entitled 'Menhirs' by the artist. Ciacciofera is fascinated by megalithic art, yet decided to work from fragile, modest materials, essentially workshop waste including paper and cardboard, the very opposite of the eternity of stone. In this sense this series recalls the work of the Arte Povera artists, an Italian artistic movement that began in the late 1960s. It was characterised by the use of ordinary humble materials, often natural or salvaged, and reflected a desire to reconnect with original simplicity and authenticity as well as a rejection of overconsumption. This heritage is never claimed or stated but it seems essential to consider some of Ciacciofera's creations through the prism of a 'new poor art'. Recycling and the use of natural materials have become as much an aesthetic necessity for the artist as they are a political and militant requirement. His sculptures abound in poetic details such as little ceramics or painted organic elements, evoking at times the style of the Cycladic idols, at times the... [lire plus]

Opening on Thursday, June 20, 2024, 6pm

An exhibition presented by Loïc Le Gall

In partnership with Museo MA*GA, Gallarate, Italy
and the support of Michel Rein Paris/Brussels and BUILDING Milan