Façade de Passerelle | Peinture murale

Wall painting on the facade

Fri 11 Jun 2021 — Sat 1 Jul 2023

Passerelle invited Guillaume Pellay (born in 1987 in Brest) and Blaise Parmentier (born in 1983 in Nantes) to invest the façade of the contemporary art centre by producing an original and permanent mural painting, visible from the rue Charles Berthelot. Following on from the experiments carried out by Jan Van der Ploeg (2011), Daniela Comani (2010) and Stéphanie Nava (2007), these two artists will create a work whose variations are inspired by the coloured backgrounds of graffiti frescos.

For several years now, Guillaume Pellay and Blaise Parmentier have been developing, in parallel with their personal artistic practices, a four-handed work of reflection exploring the possibilities of painting. The public space becomes an exhibition space with the passers-by and inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

This painting in red and blue tones is a space for experimenting with graffiti, bordered by a chrome tint. It will be the subject of educational research for schools where the children are invited to create their own pictorial works based on this model.